Florida NNN Properties For Sale


NNN CVS and NNN Walgreens


    Walgreens and CVS each have thousands of locations across the United States. Some of their locations are corporate owned and others are owned by investors.NNN Walgreens stores and NNN CVS stores are available for sale in various locations around Florida. Fee simple NNN Walgreens and NNN CVS stores are available as well as some opportunities for NNN Walgreens Ground Leases and NNN CVS Ground Leases. 


    These stores are located at prime corners at major intersections. They may have initial triple net lease terms of up to 25 years that are guaranteed by corporation with billions of dollars in annual revenue. NNN CVS and NNN Walgreen stores have long been favored investments of Insurance Companies Real Estate Investment Trusts and High Net Worth Individuals. 


  Cap Rates are very competitive for those purchasing a NNN CVS or NNN Walgreens store in Florida. The State of Florida has no personal State income Tax which makes these very popular with triple net lease investors. If you were to buy a new NNN Walgreens or NNN CVS drug store with a long lease term and a self amortizing loan, the property could be free and clear of debt at the end of the initial lease term. 


   If you have a high net worth and are sitting on a lot of cash earning little or no interest in the bank, you may want to consider investing in a NNN CVS or NNN Walgreens in Florida.